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The Madden 24 Card NO ONE is Talking About..

Danchez226: "Too Tall", Carmichael, and Megatron!! Unstoppable
da_hit_stick: Im for sure in the use whoever you want phase
benzobegoated7167: Nah i cant rock the big guys, they get KO'd so much
mekhihansel999: packed this card twice from 600 k training pack he’s good
bammbamm7947: I played against ed too tall yesterday I couldn’t stop him
paytonconner7239: Curious as to why no one has made a GT with short elite for 0. I still run julio. Especially with the cbs that are coming out having short in/out for the man meta thats about to come is so nice. If they press at all short out elite cooks on streaks
Devin_ontop: Whats the playbook
DawsonPlouffe: yuh chu what’s good big dawg
mr_k_roy: Thanks for this! I didn't hear anything about him

May 23 2024

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