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The BIG BACK Squad! Fattest Players at EVERY Position .. Madden 24

muhammednjie6537: Will he respond?
brandonryman8907: Bro deserves so many more views
WDG_Shaq: I love you Vic
grimmsempai8762: Not gonna lie, I thought the title said big black Squads

tbsjgmyt: I remember when you did this in like madden 18 or 19 and you had a nugget after every touchdown
lucidgonyea8667: Vic you are him
aljiminktadeo8277: hey vic would you come back to play 2k or next year
HzKiko: Bbl viccy
certified1568: No diddy
ZudyLlanes: Daddy Vic can you oil up please

Jun 04 2024

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