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The BEST Coverage You Arent Using in Madden 24

jjjohnson834: Fantastic teaching as always. Can't believe this is free content
TimmyAkins: Yo zan, you think if the cloud is a soft squat on that durham play the cb will match the outside wr?
JekylvsHyde: Good content
motube4879: Been getting picks with these 2 all season
davidharless3752: Algorithm
traviscole-iz7ji: My guy
IamDevron: Didn't know this... Good vid Zan
traviscole-iz7ji: Zan Da Madden Scientist
jaynizz582: Is there a difference between cover 9 and cover 6 flipped, besides the alignment of the corner, I run dime.
tardsmith1132: Can you use cover 6/9 on 5 wide

May 18 2024

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