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The Best Card in EVERY Position in Madden 24

JoesCollegeFootball: RIP Khyree Jackson
yeeviedelaguape: RIP Khyree
BigSpoonable: I use Will Clapp at LG and keep Shields at RG, can't really argue with the rest of the list though.
mjturbo: Where’s Ryan Clark for FS?
ryanstevens8387: Sorry but there’s no way you but a 97 speed WR at #1 bro. You can’t just say put him on a theme team and he’ll get 99 speed. This should be the best card as is and 97 speed at that position matters. He is not the best WR.
imhereforagoodtime: I have Hutch at LOLB on my team, he gets picks in the flats and Cam Jordan at LE with Colossus hes unstoppable on my 50/50 Saints TT
THEEKANYEW3ST: Was going ti grind out the year for the fun of it, but i have a 99 team lime everyone else, and have my rp's complete. Time to enjoy the summer guys. See y'all in 25.
nicksefcik5442: nah im running a vanguard oline. got kelce at lg, mawae at c, and clapp at rg!
thedemon2259: Ez mut started shooting that paper again lol
taxmandave: You should do a video with the best meta lineup with vanguards and players used out of position
GunsNGambling: I think Cj Gardner johnson at SS is snubbed. One step ahead , 99 speed and 99 man is super nice. Also night train is much better than revis in my opinion

Jul 09 2024

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