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Ranking THE BEST QUARTERBACKS In Madden 24 Ultimate Team

R0J0_II: No way Vick isn’t still S tier with the token. One of 2 QBs to get the holy trinity stack of SFL, MT, Fearless, GS, GW… (yes 5 is not a trinity but what else is greater than a singular God?) not to mention Truzz and Evasive for 6 AP or under.
JussShaad: My boy Johnny made the game fun af again!!
drcbd1180: Ngl I’m using Revis qb card on my Bucs tt , 4 ap for SFL, backyard qb , slinger and gift wrapped , solid
sidekickz2180: I gotta admit, I've been using the 98 Bo Nix for a while now and he's been solid for me! He's so good, I have the 99 Vick as a backup!
X_Esco: 3 likes in 6 mins…? The fall off was crazyyy
BrianMartininc: The glazing of Big Ben over a few cards like Doug Williams is a bold strategy,
H00K-KING: Can you do a vid on the best theme team all star motivator chem? I have 4x chargers balanced rn but idk if i should be using pass pro or power run instead
jonathonprokop1558: Pulled money manziel out of a triumph pack last night was so hyped since it was my first LTD of the year I thought it was lott because I didn't think he was still in packs
TimmyAkins: the fact that baker is a B with 1ap omaha, two discounts and in my opinion, the 2nd best release in the game is criminal
jamesbonaparte1021: Good morning Mr. DYL. My question. To get the oops ultimate legend cards do they only come in packs? Or do the come in the 16 token ultimate legend token pack?
itsjdogg414: I’m actually extremely flattered that JJ McCarthy is D-tier. I’ve been having a ton of success with him on my TT, I didn’t realize how bad of a card he is. I’m probably a better player for having to deal with his shortcomings.

May 23 2024

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