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Playing an Undefeated 1 Ranked Team.. Madden 24 Franchise Series Ep.13

berkhenkel9800: In Anthony Kay we trust
protobster1239: Hey Kay keep it up please upload moreeeee. Just a suggestion instead of going for strips all the time just go for hit sticks and just flick up, or just go for an agressive tackle
GC_Chirolo: w kay in the chat
ECNINER11: This proves Greg Howell ROTY
ECNINER11: Kay I know he’s your boy but trade hufanga for d-line it’s the best decision
Yonbon7: I’ve been watching you since 2016, you seriously drove me through my childhood, lived for your Fortnite videos. Hope you keep making videos so I can show my kids to you
taydoebang4545: Love you Kay
Fieldsflix: First let’s go
Thunderalpacka223: Greg Howell is literally re-incarnated Maurice Jones-Drew

May 25 2024

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