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NEW Best Defense After PATCH Stop The Run \Pass in Madden 24!

yung17k_: yea u just mess up giving me that
andrewmccleod7785: How do you find time to do all that during the game?
litmal7913: take out troy p and use bdawk or take out nnamdi bdawk is a dog and gets pa dzko mzko fa a total of 1 ap ik troy p does to but bdawk is taller
yesyouarecorrectbut: Hahahaha i stopped the video and went into practice mode : “Why is he not just using cover 3 cloud?”
After 20 minutes of having alignment issues I go back to the video and the first thing he says is “The reason I’m not using Cover 3 cloud is because you get alignment issues”

Hahahahaha life lesson learned
Xxq601Xx: We seen it here first
richhomiesaw9373: First this defense is fire
OKCDUDE15: Won’t let me join y’all’s vip
kboogie2323: Duuuuuuuuuuke!!!!

May 11 2024

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