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My Best Pack Opening This Year...And Its Not Madden 24?

cdssil1060: That stupid they go back to a game to take out packs add them back and give us tvps back it’s a dead game let us go back and have fun
rico4h: Madden 23 packs were so much more fun
da_hit_stick: we need TVPs ASAP
JonMasse-tg4oz: Damn that hurts especially when no one plays madden 23 no more
MrDedepolson: I pulled a 99 in reptiles the next reroll pulled 98 than another one reroll pulled 99 and each reroll was only 600k traing
scorpionsfan8407: If it’s free then it’s for me.
PJHavok0688: EA are just scumbags!!!! How they gonna go take out packs from a previous madden? I think that’s my last straw with this stupid company. Y’all can keep giving them $$ for their games but I’m done!!
Sharp_Dressed: Appreciate the content CC
randalltrisel9768: I religiously still look at madden 23 every day and still dabble in the auctions and sell and buy and yes, way better than to madden. 24 packs can't believe they dumped everything. They gave us discounts on not even a full year of it, but still the packards are up.
On 23, more than 24. Ridiculous

Jun 07 2024

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