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Madden 24 Career - Set Single Game TD Record! 9 and 7 TDs!

Therealtre: Miss you’re nba recaps brotha. The playoffs Dont hit the same without you.
TheAdidasKnifer: 9 touchdowns that is some cheese
JahNBG16: Second comment
pierrepuyat8963: First comment
kassim6154: couldn't believe my eyes when I saw 8-1 had to go watch the other vid
mjjohnson5904: This was crazy........
OnlyJC2: Hey Chris I haven’t seen your vids in a while but I wanted to let you know that you will always be a legend to me I remember watching your cod 2k11 and 2k12 vids when I was like 11 12 now I’m 24 I don’t have as much free time but I wanna thank you for making my childhood great you really a
XavierBlackburn777: 9 TDs! That’s some cheese!
kamkammcgee6384: third commet
user-fu3lb1yt9f: Eyyy I'm 6th comment let's goo Chris smoove

May 13 2024

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