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Madden 24 - Jalen's Version

eshaanqaisar7101: “Is this dude spitting motivational quotes to me?”
BenjaminLee-ik8zr: That dude just had Micah parsons coming on his face
Alex-nc9gg: We need the tush push version
Phillyprodzofficial: As an eagles fan, I fully expected him to run qb sneaks the whole time
user-ry2jy1dm9f: I feel like Bro is a Cowboys fan
user-to4qz8vq4i: In real life the Eagles got like 5 yards per rush push attempt
biodadnation: micah parsons is doing what?
Colby-41211: Madden 24 refs version (always either doesn't call anything or always helps the chiefs or another team win)
user-xg3eg2zw4k: Jalen hurts is better than that
jamespierce4386: Bruh!!! So fucking true!

May 14 2024

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