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Is the Market Locked FOREVER in Madden 24?

elitesgaming6858: Swift this game is so bad at this point..
DubsBears: Miss the old background
Imhim224: Bro ray lewis is so op, he’s has avalanche as an ability
da_hit_stick: Congrats on adulting
Metro50: Swift got out mamas house. Remember watching you before I had an acc in the early days. Truly a closing chapter in this channel. Congrats!
PVCGolf: Congratulations bro! You’re one of my favorite YouTubers. Because of your sincerity.
jeraimihamaiden2103: Congrats on moving
Thatguypal90: 0 views in 9 seconds. Bro fell off
Jetsilver03: Congrats on the move man
KB-ge8hs: Congrats on gettin outa mommas house broski! Yaaaaayyyyaaa

May 19 2024

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