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Is Golden Ticket Calvin Johnson the Best User in Madden 24?

platinumgamingtv1380: Hes good but not worth 3m
CaydenHILLIARD: Just pulled Calvin sold for 2.8 and bought Vick Patterson Tyreek Vick’s whole ring of honor and 98 Jeremy chinn
voidgaming5272: CALVINNNN! Thanks for this video
AJSuski: Dude always has 15 million coins and still complains about the price of a card
daimonettin: You can run that tackle supreme for 0 and lurk artist for 1ap if you want the God stack plus mid zone for 0ap as well
LooseCannonCop1: Would that deep zone be good in 6-1 coverage
Powda_House_Entertainment: Are they n packs besides the opportunity
benzobegoated7167: Yeah hes the best user in the game
ngbgaming4L: New sub this video was

May 12 2024

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