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Is 99 Andrew Luck the New QB1 in Madden 24?

DrDaQuavis: You can’t use both Calvin’s in your lineup
TariqSWOLEn: Luck is for sure the best QB for me. He gets the best abilities, and i rarely scramble up the middle. And when i do i slide, even when i was using truzz. Luck is goated. 7AP for every good QB ability.
michaelmcmahon113: “I think the 99 overall Joe burrow is actually a top 3 qb in the game he has done great for me and he is a good scrambler if needed ,and he has a good release.”
jameslange4479: Lamer is still better keeping him on my team for the rest of the year dudes op
voidgaming5272: Way cheaper than Lamar so ill get him
JerryDoe-ds3un: If you need truzz that bad there's a skill gap issue lol! Running around like a chicken with your head cut off without any consequences not real football lol
willg8863: Got that traditional 4 release
tyleraguilar2474: Chad Powers is just too fun to give up for Luck.
tokyowave9370: Why is he a scrambler
chadbaker7091: ima keep lamar tbh truzz is fire allows u to run read options and not have to worry about the fumbling

May 12 2024

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