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I'm Excited About This Defense (Year 5 Preseason) - Madden 24 Saints Franchise - Ep.75

bradleycarroll8187: I don't see how Cane doesn't get frustrated during franchise modes. He's got more patience then I do
CadChamberlain: Pre-season punter highlights! GAS ME UP!
Parxdxgm: I still think we need a little chart or graphic to show the players we lost in the offseason and the players we gained. Would be cool to see if we end up with a better safety than the previous year or if our edge rushers are worse because of our moves
CadChamberlain: If Tomlinson's inability to go after the ball is truly an issue, you can always make the coaching adjustment in-game to make them attack the ball.
CadChamberlain: Cane having Westbrook play well and still end with 0 TDs and 7 INTs is impressive.
cp3ep: I’m cautiously excited about this defense too, Cane!
BeardedLegoBro22: Babe wake up new Cane Franchise video just dropped
anthonyhann6746: Love this series cane! I enjoy when series don’t have instant success. I respect the grind and difficulty of team building!
a6340: i needa tyrell stoutmire breakout like I need to breathe
i need a tyrell stoutmire breakout like I need to eat
i need a tyrell stoutmire breakout like I need to drink water
i need a tyrell stoutmire breakout to continue living in this world
ozymandiastheking2139: Mayweather was done so dirty in this franchise. He could have been him
exorphitus: Defense definitely looks better, but Cane, dude, you gotta clean up the turnovers. Take the easy throw if nothing else is there. Don't be afraid to play small-ball, or even run your QB if nobody is open. Even a couple of positive yards is better than a sack or a turnover. You need learn to make the safe play and live to fight another down.
stevemichaels4072: I'm here for the punter highlights. Year 5 is going to be awesome!

May 14 2024

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