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I FINALLY Reached a 99 Overall in Madden 24 Ultimate Team!

noahyates3900: You can't use pat at punter?
ddmdizzle9228: 98. Did the 99 but went back as well.
Big Ws with the GOT. My favorite tv series all time. A few disappointments but overall legit. It gets lit so get ready lol.
voidgaming5272: Lets gooo ch love these type of videos
Amir2Earth: Chu what is ur defensive adjustments you make on ur dollar formation? PLEASE LMK! When i run dollar I can't stop the runs or the corner routes
katiemassoudian8372: Hey Chu what playbooks do you use
sooba_: yo what playbook do u use
aubreygrahamworahipper19: Chu I have a question, how do you have 2 ROH tokens?
troydube8168: Man you were right D Evans is an amazing RB. If he was a big name he would be 1 mill . I picked him up based on your rec he is a blast.
KingBoomie: Whts ur stack on Chad

May 11 2024

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