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CowboyJon97: My longest subscription on YT!! Been watching since I was 17 year old high school student!! I’m 27 now graduate colleges 3 years ago, getting married next year
bman03_bg: Lettssssss gooooooo 2 vids in one week
tylerpreski1486: Glad to see my fav mlb youtuber growing up still making fire vids
ThatdudeBates: Toke we’re gonna need weekly college football picks this year with the new game coming out
1mizfits: You’re part of the problem.
youngturtle913: Unlucky toketoke gitta be the unlucky person fr I thought my luck was bad
charlesrudolph9736: Don’t sleep on Brock at FS for your team. Even as a backup he’ll be great for you. Love the content!
kingofgrim4761: I haven’t been keeping up, but why is your team just a 97? I managed to do that in the past month with NMS (but mostly binder players)
Edit: nvm I see you said you only spent $200 this year, which makes more sense then
iliivenomlill8191: The GT in this game fuckin Blow Im not wasting money on this trash when college football finna drop.

May 23 2024

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