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EA Refuses To Quit Madden 24

dollardan: The fact that there are still 70 in the mystery packs shows how much EA doesn't care.
qlucky2153: Madden tryna drain for every penny when they know they dropping ncaa in a month
jackbourque6426: Thanks for sticking with us we in June now and CC still dropping bangers
sleepyc6077: If u think something is gonna be free ur kidding urself
gamblingguru2235: Mystery Pack fun meter. 1.8/10 fun factor… “reel Deals” lmao
TariqSWOLEn: Cc doesn't use Larry Wilson for the same reason my ex left me... she doesn't like short white guys
ejoseph200: Madden family, the 80 wins for Odell is killing me
vanjakobeantdixon9256: Shout out to the homie CC. Just wish it was more old skool players. Overall it’s a fun a game
jarrettwooley1993: Omaha broke the game we need a built in momentum shift card or in done
gamblingguru2235: Playing this game makes we wanna throw up almost lol nothing like when the game comes out, your pumped everything’s fun and semi new haha it’s EA but time to put this game to bed give us sick packs to blow our coins and rookie premire let us finish the game and move on.
Quintenn: Haven’t touched madden In 4 weeks now

Jun 05 2024

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