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Tigrisgg: Day 67 of telling Swift he looks handsome today. (sorry im a little late was getting that pump in)
Jiggalabang: Swift pin please
Dmoore10: All day is waaaaaay better than edge, all day keeps secure protector activated when normally it only stops the first move from a rusher. Edge protector really don’t work the way it’s supposed to
chrisscragg68: Swift what's up man how's your day been
smker46: You can also throw in Bo qb as your back up, Bo rolb as a back up, and McFadden as your third RB and give them all the acrobat combine chem. 3/3 boosts zone by 2 to all DBs (lb, cb,safeties)
SwiftyProdd: Quit madden, but still happy to watch :-)
JayBabyGreens: Brees is my goat
_Chillz_1: What up swift
TariqSWOLEn: I click on 1 swift video and now he's all over my feed. Pointless video after video

Jun 02 2024

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