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Can We Take Down our Greatest Rival? Madden 24 Saints Franchise Ep.78

mr.raygunz929: Cane roasting Westbrook’s accuracy right before immediately throwing a non accuracy related interception is true Cane content, I love it.
brycenhenry9905: NEED a Skelton wildcat formation
brycenhenry9905: Adebo needs TRADED. Let’s see an ALL 6’3 Corner group
ColbysCouch: Great episode today Cane! This was a wicked fun game to watch. Defense held when they needed to, and the run game was on fire for the most part. A very underrated part of the offense is the receivers blocking on the outside runs. 3-0 baby, feels good to watch
iamthetomato8902: I literally check my YouTube like 10-15 times a day praying that you’ve uploaded. Thank you Mr. Cane for answering my prayers
CadChamberlain: Interior O line really holding this team back
megamuffin15: This offense runs through Roby first.
rmar67: I’m guessing this version of the Falcons didn’t offer the keys to Fort Knox to a mediocre veteran quarterback and then draft a rookie QB on top of him?

May 26 2024

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