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99 Johnny Manziel is a DAWG in Madden 24!

Carter61580: Chu you do not have to do this. This is just a suggestion. I know you did best card in every position last Sunday, but I think you need to do it again this Sunday because of how many things changed but it’s up to you.
keon4wrld448: Ik yo ass was HYPED ASF WHEN THIS DROPPED
Lukeiscool123: Joe alt gets pick artist and deep zone and also mid zone for zero and he’s only a 94 EA what are we doing
PTPPokemon: Love the content as always bro, love how fast you get stuff out
Jayhim10: This why I like your vids you upload constantly and I watch the Vince one
Zeus-vi5zk: Dude 600k for that Carmichael is insane how in the world, 2 mil profit is a good snipe
xojaqx: GGS Chu!! I sold manziel but might buy again later when he gets cheaper hes really good. Great vid man
brockreddel3035: I saw his abilities and fell in love with
platinumgamingtv1380: Yessss my new QB1!

May 19 2024

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