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Yoshi Ps Revelation FFXIVs Shift to Individualistic Jobs

SunnyDove: I’m relieved they are saying they plan on making jobs harder and not just the high end content. It should be a little of both. That said, I am disappointed they’re kicking the can down the road to ‘maybe’ 8.0 instead of working towards more interesting job design now
YoukoZuki: I hope healers will play differently DPS-wise. Tired of a single DPS button, a single DOT button, an AoE button, one or two more offensive buttons that press on cooldown.
MCG55SS: This is just funny, Yoshi - P is on record saying they streamlined due to players early on complaining how their DPS burst didn't align together and was hard to coordinate burst phases so they streamlined it and now people complain non stop about it being to similar and streamlined. I think regardless this is gonna keep going back and forth between the 2 parties of complainers. Just like Eureka Yoshi-p even said it was not very popular when it came out and people were very vocal about how they didn't like it, fast forward to mid-end of EW and people act like it was a amazing thing and are mad EW didn't have something similar LOL....this community just like all gaming communities just wants to complain about something and regardless what he does the community will find something to complain about in the end.
Zeomantic: Glad to see that he recognizes that issue and that they're taking steps to address it.
raph5402: I'm all for it. The jobs don't differ enough atm.
Kiobao: I don't really need jobs harder, since hard content complex job rotation = not fun for me. I want one or the other. However, to make them unique and actually feel better, I'll be happy. more unique doesn't really need to mean harder, but it often seems to overlap in conversations. Like fire mage is somewhat difficult, but arcane mage is much more so and they are making it easier in the next expansion, but still has quite it's on identity and classes definitely have a unique playstyles in WoW. I dislike really bloated bars, but I like skills that work well together, not just procs or in a set rotation. I'd love a strong job identity but it seems odd that Viper doesn't really have a job identity with their namesake. Still a really flashy job so far, but I can't tell one thing from another really besides just really flashy, crazy skills popping off. Personally, one of my favorite jobs in FF14 is SMN. It's lacking maybe 1 or 2 buttons and a few changes to smooth out the job.
JackSmog: I'm all for stronger job identity. Make it feel unique. I just hope they don't complicate it any further.
As someone who feels at least somewhat comfortable playing most of the DPS classes in WoW, I currently only feel comfortable with Summoner in FFXIV. Looking at rotations for the other classes, except maybe Machinist, just makes me feel like I'm having a stroke.
I'm all for HAVING classes with super complex rotations.
But I would just like to not be edged out of the game by overcomplicating every class. (And I wish there were at least a couple more right now that I didn't feel the need to take a 16-week course to learn.)
filipvadas7602: While I am a little disappointed they are pushing these major changes to 8.0, I do get it. Between improving the game on a base level (adding long requested QoL features) , reworking ARR content, adding Duty Support etc. all the while working on the post Endwalker content, the Job changes we're getting, the graphics update and Dawntrail itself, its a LOT

Plus, they've alredy said that they're interested in reducing the workload/stress for their devs by slowing things down, so if it means Yoshi-P and his team can sleep for more than 14 hours a week its fine in my opinion.
HyouVizer: Warrior to Paladin being the same huh? If anything Dark Knight and Warrior are similar. Both have a 1 min burst window to give free gauge actions to spam, and a manual dmg buff upkeep.

Paladin and Gunbreaker are similar, both have a 1 min CD dmg buff burst window and with a long series of combo action following it. Both have a short self CD that auto-heals them.
pod155: The classes do not feel similar by no stretch. Its like saying rdm and blm play the same because they use magic.
vincentbeton: Well after people partly refused to take Machinists or Warriors during a Raid Tier because they did worst dps by comparison, I am looking forward to a more interesting and diverse 8.0 Job Design which will lead to people being even more elitist about what they want in their group or not

May 29 2024

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