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Xeno Reacts to ALL Tank Changes and NEW Abilities in Dawntrail FFXIV

slamdunq3192: that thumbnail HOLYYYYY he's so cool
evenstar2059: I love how they combine Delirium and Blood Weapon, which is good, to reduce the amount of oGCDs during the burst, but Salted Earth and Salt And Darkness is still there lmao I love it
frey6211: Both the new action after 3 Fell Cleaves & the new action after Primal Rend have the blue aura indicating that they're off-GCDs so I don't think the burst window is gonna change much, you just gonna press some more buttons
dbull620: The optional toggle for the action mergers is really nice. At some point during 6.X they merged Jump and Dive to share a hotkey for Dragoon but some players complained about unintentional double weaving of the skills so they reverted it back to 2 separate buttons. Now everyone will have the option of whether they want them merged or separate.
captainwaff13s92: The ability they use when you have executed 3 fell cleaves has a blue aura around you upon execution, which for non-spell attacks indicates its a oGCD while orange aura is a GCD
tylerkarnes2947: I can’t wait for the new tank in 8.0. I’m sure it’ll have a inner release-like, a fell cleave-like, a 15 second mitigation cooldown, and a gauge that requires 50 points to do a big attack!
TheBubbeloo: After 3 entire expansions of fuckall but streamlining and simplifying everything 8.0 had fucking better add some variety and job identity back, it's getting really old really quickly.
Kyagara: So many Continuations, so little No Mercy
bmoc9: The word of the day is Um apparently.
Squall's ultimate move.

May 18 2024

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