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When the FFXIV Emote Goes Wrong

TSGJamesR: As the Viera on the other side of this clip, I was cackling whenever Jesse did that emote. I just went along with it. XD
digitalbooklett9357: "This is weird. It's weird. You know what?" does it again
liallen9380: Yes, sir, this potato right here! That's the guy!
ghackotpony: The donk donk got me. Well played.
syranon: Sir! This is Lalafell behaviour.
rajabuta: This is weird!
Does it again
itsindigoleaf: Watcha lookin at Lil guy?
mickobee: Jesse with the tiktok laugh track
johnaldridge83: And this is why all my glams with skirts have pants too.
Trillian_nlc: This is what I live for
zombie0ate0my0brains: Where is Skyrim?
Towelietowel: Least creepy Lalafell.

May 30 2024

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