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Updates to North American Payments for FFXIV

rylegrimrick: it's frustrating because the payment carrier problems have yet to be solved and now they announced this...
kimegger8882: Don't mind mind the tax. Just want to use my VISA again.
TaniaRavenYT: I never paid sales tax on digital goods in California.

Not all states require it.

As Haps said, California is exempt.

Don't blame SE, blame your state governments.
BeeLightning: If only sqeenix would acknowledge that SEAsian exist so we could give them correct address or money for that matter
SkyFjallraven: it would be nice if they would allow you to change the reagon you live. I use to live in the UK so my SE account is EU, but i moved to canada 2 years ago and SE support wont allow me to change it. The only advice they gave me is if I wanted an NA account is to make a new account, meaning I would have to start from scratch. It kinda mind boggeling in my opinion.
Ursoc91: this wouldnt even be an issue if they just sold physical time cards in stores
TonyJiLe: Ok anyone mad at square enix for this is just plain uneducated regarding why. Its law. State law. So blame your governments. I work for a game company and we had to do this as well almost a year ago now. Im surprised square enix pushed it off this long tbh
KiariGaming: How your hair is right now, is how you style it from now on brother!
shirox11: As bad timing as this is with the issues people are having in getting their subscription payments to go through or buying optional items (at the moment the only way i can play is through game time codes from the SE store.) This is something that’s out of SE’s hands, and it’s better to announce it than just have your bill suddenly be slightly higher with no warning.
PrayforMe831: Did Happy get younger??
jukebox1096: If it is a digital product that you can't personally own then you don't pay tax

May 26 2024

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