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ZeroWintter: They mocked me when I told them I bought the game on Steam, but look, who's laughing now..... Stay strong Zepla.
Songforyall: Square enix makes a loss for the first time in years and gets rid of playstation exclusivity
Voidinacan: Zepla here's what you have to do, next Fanfest get to meet YoshiP by whatever means possible, then hand him over an envelope with $2k and tell him "YoshiP this is enough money for 10 years of subs expansions, please tell SE to let me play FFXIV!"
ehwick8175: Bro, im convinced SE actually uses mog mail to communicate things
thomasfaverty6788: SE has had this same problem for 20 years. If you didn't play FFXI on PS2, paying for the game was a pain in the ass. It's easy to blame WoW for FFXI's decline, but part of it was also the payment process. Blizzard made it so easy to take your money and Square just has no idea.
TruthSeeker777: I am having the same Issue as Zepla is, and I've been posting on ff14's twitter page about this issue with no response.
I see no other choice but for content creators to raise more noise on this issue. Or we risk loosing years of hard work.
gilaverde: I have the Steam version of FFXIV, I just use Steam payment system when paying my sub and any mog station items. I'm required to validate my Steam account when purchasing from the mog station. The Steam payment system for my sub goes through without any issues. Yay for Steam?
ntall123: When SE is reporting extreme losses, and their mmo, years after release still has major issues with payments... I've never had a harder time giving a company my money then when I try to play FFXIV.
zomgpeoplestolemname: MogStation: We don't accept your card >:l
Also MogStation: AmazonPay with same card :DD
saltpaetr887: When ARR launched in 2014, the mog station felt archaic and completely stuck 20 years in the past. Things have advanced and now in the year 2024, they are stuck 30 years in the past.

The thing is, it's not going to get any better any time soon unless people will really make a big deal of this. This isn't just a FFXIV problem, it's not even just a Square Enix problem, it's all of Japan. They are just stuck in the past when it comes to everything related to web development and things are not advancing over there at all, they are in their own 90's bubble.
Saphira.: This is bureaucracy (ultimate)
shimusume1486: I bought my account via steam years ago. It was a headache and I almost gave up.

Years later I see that buying through steam may have been the best way to do it.
Mr_Pyro_96: This is the kind of issue that should be raised during the media tour. Even if just in private. Users not being able to pay right before an expansion needs to get the focus of higher ups. Especially with SE's massive losses
astrealove2247: So if you narrow it down, it's Putin's fault that Zepla can't play FFXIV.

Jun 03 2024

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