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They made it WORSE! | Zepla talks FFXIV PAYMENT and MOGSTATION issues

ark5074: You know it’s a mess when people are begging a corporation to make it easier to give them money.
TruthSeeker777: I hope more streamers cover this story because it's also making it impossible to update if you move countries. The "Make a new account" that we are told by customer service is an insult when one poured hours into an MMO.
zapp3484: Square Enix : Creates PS5 exclusive games, Creates the most worse payment system and make you jump through loops just to give them money.
*Square Enix loses 22.1 billion
Square Enix : surprised pikachu face
25xxfrostxx: I have never seen a company that makes it this hard to give them money. Now we're going to need guide videos on how to pay your monthly sub to go along with the guide videos already out there on how to buy the game to begin with.

I guess now when someone says "You don't pay my sub" we can respond "neither do you!".
mcmsi841: A portion of this would not be an issue if they only acknowledged and included countries that actually play this game(South, South East Asia and South America)! We are not asking for our own data center or publisher here, we simply want to be included without threading around EULA.
TheOnlyGBeast: it is truly astounding how archaic SE's methods are on so many fronts.
kohlicoide2258: "Let people buy your game."

Raika63: They should really hire a non - JP team to do the international payment and account management. JP websites do not flow the same way as most US or European ones do, and that's OK, but maybe make it easy for people in non-JP regions to give you money.
dogboy15213: Well played Square. Your attempt to squeeze an extra dime out of people has unsubed an entire reigon of the planet. In a way, it's kind of impressive.
philosophicallybroke8873: This is just Square Enix making sure the server wait times are not as bad as Endwalker. By making sure nobody can play
DarukaEon: Because I remembered that I moved a couple of years ago and wanted to update my address, I unregistered my payment method. Now that I'm trying to re-register, I'm stuck at, "This function is temporarily unavailable. Please wait a few minutes before trying again." I live in USA.
robertslawjr: Dealing with Mog station is like having to deal with nividia's old control panel. Should be able to buy the game and its expansion on mog station. The problem is they are using really old code from the early 2000's and would pretty much need to make an entirely new system and be able to transfer everyone's data over. Honestly don't think they would be able to.

May 08 2024

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