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The World Lalafell Day Parade FFXIV

SniperKing-O: "No Lalafell were picked off and eaten like takoyaki balls during this march."
zombieent8796: one of these days I will stumble across one of these and i won't know what to do.
azizaantoinette2388: Super cute video. Loved it! :D Seeing how much fun people had made it so much worth the work it was to arrange it and I'm sure my fellow organisers think the same :3 Thanks for the video and for your attendance^^
itsyaboiherman: Lala truly are best race!!!
GinBreadman: Your editing skills are wild! Thank you for posting this! It's fantastic :)
jessecox: Now this is good content.
GalaxiaShadow: As a Lalafell, this turned my frown upside down.
samuelclinch3549: Never thought I'd see the day almost all of us could be on one server, we're lucky it didn't crash. Loved every minute of being in this and thank you for the close up

May 31 2024

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