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The Mystery behind Valigarmanda within FFXIV Dawntrail

taylorambre3281: if he is an auspice, hes defs gonna be that squirrel from the trailer
TaleSeeker: I really like the idea of it being an Auspice, that could also mean its that mystery woman from the poster.
bendonatier: My ultimate bet is that Valigarmanda, and the level 97 trial are the new "Mcguffin entities" akin to light wardens, aucpices, and arr primals. They will be referred to using their own terms, and likely hold some unique lore, but hold that same kinda space. I wouldn't be surprized if they are called espers, or fayth, to fulfill that classic FF summon role of world important, but not plot essential, story detour.
phoenixruin6640: I "think" Valigarmanda will be may used as a test or w/e to see if you are worth to be the next ruler...
filthmage: Love that youre still pumping out great videos, big or small, popular or not im here for it. You have a great cadence and an ability to convey wider messages about the lore that keep me engaged
drewgregory4079: If i may be a bit Doylist, Given the art piece you showed at the end and its striking similarity to the FF6 sprite (Aztec inspired headgear and all) there's almost no chance Valigarmanda, whatever it is, doesn't use the Alte Roite animation rig. That would be a pretty marked departure from every dragon we've seen thus far and would probably lose a lot of the gravitas we've come to expect from big bad draconic entities.

I think the Quetzalcoatl parallel is the best and most obvious explanation. Wuk Lamat has already laid out the connection between her trials of ascension and the mythical beast and in Aztec history, Quetzalcoatl is closely connected with priests and kings as well as the sun. If Valigarmanda serves as a similar guardian of the sun throne, encountering it as proof of one's mettle would make perfect sense as an integral part of the succession rituals. PLUS it would harken back to the FF6 esper's words after it's released from the ice: "Let's see if you are worthy."
Blue018Phoenix: Considering how Valigarmanda is in the key art, I doubt they would just be a one and done primal fight
brokenQuins: Don't have anything meaningful to add to the discussion but I thoroughly enjoyed these theories!
jonathonodonnell3596: I doubt Valigarmanda will be a primal simply due to the direction FF14 has gone with primals. The last two "standard" primals we've fought were both relegated to dungeon bosses (Magus Sisters, Anima). The last few primal-related trials by contrast have been figures like Zodiark—vastly more important figures to the lore and cosmology. It's possible that, like with Anima and the Sisters Valigarmanda is going to be a bai-and-switch dungeon boss (in which case being a primal would fit), but I think it's far more probably they are something different. An auspice would be cool, but they could also just be some element of the setting that is entirely new built into the culture and mythology of Tural itself.
gigantore64: It could be a ancient Chimera from Solution 9?
ToastyCoyote: If the Autarch is also the Dawn “Servant” could Valigarmanda be the Dawn?

May 29 2024

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