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The Keyboard VS Controller Debate SOLVED! HORI \FFXIV!

ChrisMajors: I've used a device like this for over a decade now for MMOs. First, the Belkin N52, then when Belkin got bought out, the Razer Tartarus and/or Orbweaver (which are basically the same thing, just with different numbers of buttons, maybe a scroll wheel, and of course, RGB lights, because gamers). Once you're used to it, you'll never go back to plain keyboard&mouse or controller.
zaheela: The warning is mostly due to the materials. Something in there would have some form of carcinogens… thing is… as someone who works with a manufacturer in California, we’re all just done with it. COFFEE BEANS had a warning at some point because the roasting process used some chemicals (later retracted)… it gets really old fast…
Theferrell: the "reproductive harm" thing is a dumb law we passed in California that requires that statement on basically anything sold in California.
LivvieLynn: Reason many play with controller is less the controller and more the comfort of playing from a couch. Sure you may need a wireless keyboard to chat, but nothing beats that laid back evening on the couch after a full day of working from a desk.
Nutrafin-3D: I've been using this since the original one came out a few years ago. It's been great, and it's like the ONLY key pad with a REAL analog stick.
lagtastic7511: I'm still using my Steelseries MercStealth keyboard for MMO's. Its a shame steel series would rather troll their fans of the keyboard then make an updated version of it. As it was/is the best version of these devices.

And for reference they literally made an Aprils fools day joke of "rereleasing" the Mercstealth after having been asked for years to make them again.
Nienna_Asyare: Ooo interesting! Ty for this video! I’ve always kinda wanted to get a device like this but never really knew which ones met my needs/were quality, I think I might try to save up for this!
metalmavenmike80: I got a G13 and still use it for FFXIV and several other games all the time. With the LCD screen with profiles and no software needed for the internal saved profiles changing settings on the fly is a breeze. My sisters got this for me long ago and it rocks still today!
user-zp1se9du9z: I already use Razer's gaming keypad. What makes this controller particularly good, despite its button layout, maybe, is the joystick on the right. Don't use it for movement or cam control. Instead you should map it to toggle alt, ctrl, and/or shift. Doing that makes these better to use than a gamepad. The gameplay is very fluid. Every ability becomes instantaneously available to use. More should try it. Other games can benefit from these too. Even Sword Art Online: Hollow Realization can be played with it. Keep in mind that it must be paired with a 12 key button on the side kind of a MMO mouse for the best effect. That's what makes it possible to control up to 36 (more than enough for every job there is) abilities, 3 full 12 slot hotbars. If you ever needed, you could bind another for a staggering 48. You could stick emotes on that last hotbar.
LobsterFusion: I’m a controller player for FFXIV but back when I played WoW long ago I used the Belkin (similar to this) and a Razer Naga. If I still had my Naga I would probably be looking into getting one of these as it is my preferred MMO control style. Thankfully XIV has great controller support.

Good video!
Soyboythoughts: The reproductive harm is because plastics have chemicles that are transdermally absorbed which impact your hormones by either mimicing them or preventing their utilization. If some thing is made in the US it wont provide that warning, but if its made in other countries they are legally obligated to alert you of the dangers. It really depends on the type of plastic and it also depends on any gasses they use to kill bacteria and growth before items are shipped to prevent any huymiddity/moister from making the box soggy So the box is able to get wet and dry without developing growths that may make its way into components. as well as the plastic film that covers a lot of carbboard boxes which has chemicles in it that can and will impact your hormones

May 08 2024

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