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The Great Big Guide to FFXIV Combat

snowmochi: For the Dynamo/Chariot, the only time i've ever heard those callouts is when people are talking about callouts, never in game. It's always just been In/Out during an actual encounter.
KascGoobbue: I remember you wishing that we had a better hall of the novice system in the future. While I still think that something like that is far away, having a guide like this which consolidates all combat is so useful for new players. I can tell already that this video will be a valuable resource for new players in the coming years. I'll be sure to send this to friends interested in starting ff14.
brooklynwilddog4826: Ive never heard the term dynamo nor chariot in raid: its always been "donut" or simply "in", while the other shape has always been "out" or "point-blank"
THiiro: Absolutely worth mentioning in the UI settings is the party effects. NEVER change this to "Show none" as it removes any positive fields like Asylum or mitigation fields like Sacred Soil from your screen meaning you may be unintentionally making your healers life harder.
Lordwhizzkid: I'm very surprised you skipped on the HP bars being able to be assigned based on Role instead of a general colour which is fantastic for indicating who is what at a quick glance, but as you said there's so much to talk about here, it's hard to remember and mention everything. Absolutely massive video that probably took a crazy amount of time, and future videos which will take even more coming up. Congrats and well done on this one!
somnus970: Read your tool tips....there you are instantly better than 70% of the player base
zemog9670: YoshiP should have you as a dev hehe. THere are sooo many new ppl to the game...this was much needed...I just hope they find this
Urthdigger: Really good video, but there is one area where I disagree on: Newbies and materia. I feel that, rather than telling them to ignore it for now, newbies should be encouraged to play with it and given just a brief rundown of how it works (stat caps based in ilvl and slot, red means you've gone over it) and advised to not overmeld until endgame. Reason being, it's free stats, they'll likely be passively acquiring materia, and until they hit the current endgame the materia they can use has a 100% success rate to be removed. This makes it literally free for them to play with it.
ThisismineIguess: Collect as many vuln stickers as you can for the big bonus!
Scerttle: 20 mins in and realising how much knowledge I have that I just take for granted that a new player wouldn't even know they should know that they don't know it...
msguysmiley: Ive raided most savage and ultimate combat in this game with a preference for melee, I had no idea about the display indicating whether or not I am auto-attacking(note I knew via context so never needed to look). For teaching me something I didn't know, here's a like.

May 26 2024

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