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The Fighting Game To FFXIV Pipeline

rathgames: What a masterpiece.

Except you pronounced machinist wrong you fiend.
armanightrealm4217: I feel called out… from Tekken to FFXIV back to Tekken and then FFXIV… hides behind my retainers
karahibiki7476: I'm here cause Rath said crying would occur if i didn't watch. Nice video!
crossmirage7145: FINALLY SOMEONE GETS IT
I always tell people I play FFXIV like it's a fighting game
closesttopurple: This video is perfect for my friend, an FGC nerd, who constantly questions how he got into playing FFXIV.
Kelenae: FFXIV is the FGC retirement home
Vindaelyn: Amazed that he can play with his inventory so full…………. he’s just like me
JohnnyLover32: Haven't watched the video yet fully but I feel so targeted by the title and I didn't even know it was a recurring thing that happened to people. I even told my friend once "this game feels like a fighting game" lol
hl2ice53: Always wondered about the correlation, since me and a lot of other FG players are simply drawn to this game. I think all of your points make a lot of sense for me personally, and you explained them extremely well. One thing that makes me specifically drawn to it more than other MMOs is the art style and visual design. XIV looks and feels very anime, and it's closer to a lot of fighting games than the other MMOs. I find it simply way more fun to look at and customize your character than in WoW or ESO, for example. This would be a fun topic to discuss this with other FG players, hope this video does very well.
Vindaelyn: Something I always like to mention to people is that the hard content in ffxiv (specifically Extreme, savage, and ultimate) is completely optional. I remember seeing footage of those raids and being really intimidated by it because of the teamwork aspect. For a long time I avoided ffxiv because I thought I would be expected to learn crazy complex mechanics quickly. I’m a slow learner who likes to lab things without the expectations and pressure of teamwork, so this was a hard stop for me.

I was so relieved when I actually gave it a chance and realized that you are NEVER required to even attempt anything truly difficult unless you go out of your way to do so. I played for close to 1,000 hours ( over the course of about a year and a half ) before even attempting savage and never ran out of things to do. I get why people focus on hard content because it’s AWESOME once you’re into it, but I wish more people would talk about how gentle the learning curve is on normal content because it is genuinely great as well.
ojosama: I'd also like to point out that content in FFXIV is ever green. Meaning that even though the game is over a decade old you can still find parties for all the content. Of course harder to find group for older content but with discords that are dedicated to older content you can do it. That means there is a decade worth of content available. Also it's kind of fun learning your job at all level caps.

Also you didn't recommend Monk, oh the irony.
Foogi9000: Playing Yakuza as my gateway drug for playing monk tbh.
TheSith1111: This video is severely underrated and it's only been up 2 hours.

May 14 2024

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