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That one friend that NEVER feels well ffxiv ffxivmemes ff14 memes

angelvaladez625: Don't forget the most criminal of the ADHD moments:

"When was the last time you showered"
limsalalafells: Sounds like burnout or depression.
Ziraa: Damn
That's literally me
deusex3533: I...feel a bit attacked xD
dps_is_hard: Is 12 hours enough sleep?
kaalionrjest1059: I both feel unusually called out and want to make them my friends.
shadow_psych7069: Cute cat girl is cute.
OrangeMelon419: I never played the Game don’t know why youtube shows me this but Damn the Characters Are Good looking
guardianofblue2212: As someone's who's has a rough week

MoiraiScarlet: It sucks how this is so true. Basically we have to fix ourselves if we want to feel better. Ironically, this is how people gets stuck in the loop too.
paranoiadie4770: i'm feeling down cuz i can't resub my ff

May 31 2024

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