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Sorry Graha Fans FFXIV Animated

KorianBossMonster: *G'raha was definitely harmed in the making of this video
walkseva: "For we who have known perfect kickflips, the shattered skate parks and these slides are ghastly mockeries of the true grind."
-Emet, probably
Soress9: Remember us, remember that we once shredded.
averagejoe5309: Two sides of G'raha fan animations

LizArd: a deeply heartfelt dedication to their in-game crush

Chad BeneG.:
NeroLucifarious: This totally happened by the way.
Gredunza: Graha is surprisingly aerodynamic.
Biomelast: I love the blue sparks when he's grinding on the rail, nice touch.
XxxSCATRATTxxX: "I have skated a thousand thousand of your skateparks. I have broken boards with you, rode with you, grown ill, grown bold, sundered rails and yes, grinded Graha's sweet face (ayo?). For eons have I measured your skills and found you boarding!"

- Emet-Hawk
thomasderosso5625: This took me on an emotional journey from "Oh no, that's horrible!" to "Okay, that's pretty funny..." to "FUCK YEAH EMET, DO A 540 RODEO FLIP!"
kuronanestimare: And the G'raha Fans hated BeneG. for he spoke the TRUTH
keyki9832: the skateboarding part was pure disrespect lmao
Kaosi: Knowing Emet that feels canon
mirankitsune5442: Emet definitely rode a Harley pre-shattering.
livingreverie5951: Liz Ard is going for the throat when they find this

Edit: They have seen it and promptly responded like other Gra Ha Fans: Love how well made it is, crying why.

To quote them


carbodude5414: G'raha matching the beats of the song every time he goes up and down is a nice touch
ravenmewmew: The attention to detail!? HELLOOO!? the part where g'raha is used as a skateboard and sparks of Blue come out because of his crystallized body!? One of your finest works
LordBillygoat: This made me G'rahaha
droopyturtle98: I laughed too hard at this, the ancient looking at the camera in amazement is gold
mikhael3336: That Akira slide xD
MalleusSemperVictor: On the next episode of the "MSQ as Emet Selch Remembers It"
pedopoulpe3532: Now we know where the cracks in G'raha tia's crystal body come from
koletonnelson6310: “See, shit like THIS is why I sundered the Star.”
-Hydaelyn, Probably
jqkm2420: "I do not consider you to be truly alive. Ergo, I will not be guilty of murder if I kill you."
ZyxieRumor: Can you imagine when Gra'ha told this story to the Scions? Like:

Antithesismanifest: I don't know if i shoud feel bad for my boy or happy for more Emet videos.
Twocoolman115: Somebody send this to LizArd and see how she freaks out about it. I’d love to see her reaction!
AnchorJG: I love how we all know which other FFXIV machinimator should absolutely (not) watch this.
Kitsuneg: The hand wave at the end, perfection!~~
SorcerorNobody: I can't believe you'd do this to G'raha.

But I can definitely believe that Emet-Selch would, so it checks out.
GWRaynor: Well now we absolutely need a 1 hour loop of Emet riding the bike.

"Techno beats to torture Exarchs to"
megamanstarforce4315: Now I want this to be a skate mod
deevee133: The only thing missing is Tony Hawk Pro Skater gap sound effects when G'raha's being ridden like a skateboard.
cool2984: Best part was how in sync G'raha hitting the ground was when he was tied to the motorcycle lmao
pharaohram: Man no wonder he was so mad when G'raha shows up before the final battle. Emet did all that and still lost. Never underestimate time traveling catboys
koristrange9655: This is the total opposite of "What the cat dragged in"...
Jowain92: Of course the memories of the Ancients would sheer for Emet, it's definitely how he remembers the past and not of him constantly grumbling while everyone pats him on the back with an "oh you!"
mlt3496: My favorite thing about any Emet shitpost is it always feels IC
Rakka5: Tony Selch's Pro Exarch 3
LightMageMike: "Emet-Selch skateboarding through Amaurot on G'raha Tia."
Add that to the list of things I didn't know I needed.
Sebsationa1: Not the type of Graha mount I expected but it'll do
wobbliestcrab6913: As a G'raha fan,I cri
As a meme enthusiast, I chortle immensely
redheero656: I went from Full Throttle in the beginning to Koji wishing Emet a good summer.
furihime494: "Ergo, I do not consider you to be alive. Therefor I am not guilty of murder for shredding you in the park." ~Emet probably
RockSoup: My sides have departed this mortal realm, to once again return to the aetherial sea.
SilentRaven8: G'raha: expresss love for wol

Emet: and i took that personally
VGninja92: I need Emet on a motorcycle dragging G'raha to be my background and
KonDragon008: As soon as I saw the rope on G'raha's legs, I was already saying "oh no...I see where this is going".
...wasn't expecting the literal nosegrind, though.
IanFay: Some Ancients:

WingedAsarath: As a G'raha fan, I saw the title of the video, saw who posted it, and immediately clicked the watch button.

Jun 08 2024

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