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So I Met Estinien In FFXIV

amyelnah8717: ESTINIEEEEN
(He's the Azure Dragoon)
gabrielhelton1823: To clarify there is supposed to be one Azure dragoon not just one dragoon, the Azure Dragoon is the best dragoon of the many dragoons.
Adu767: How can Estinien fly into the air? 100 pushups! 100 situps! 100 squats! 10km run! Every! Single! Day!
jyoumon123: IIRC: the reason dragoons are able to "fly" like that is basically a specialized technique where they channel aether into their legs, potentially wind aspected but I could be wrong in that, but they use it to propel themselves into the air as though borne on dragon wings, and allowing them to use their spears to strike down wyrms from above.
ZianaSue: Estinien is the Azure Dragoon, they have ways of riding the wind.
I think he is introverted husbando material for someone out there in the world.
Dai_Tallsian: No fly. Jump good.
Amariyali: Fun fact: The pole dance used to be a skill the Dragoon learned back in HW: Ring of Thorns. It's no longer in the game, but we get an upgrade to Full Thrust somewhere in the 80-90 range that gives us pole dance 2.0.

Otherwise I just gotta say. The armor IS one of the best Lvl 50 gear set imo. To this day I still wear it sometimes bc its just so iconic.

(He's the Azure Dragoon)
Author_Gamer: Dragoons have super human leaping abilities from their dragon powers that enable them to “fly” as you describe it.
sennaka: I am loving
barbatosrex1087: Welcome to Gridania, the magical land of racism
Bardic_Knowledge: So, historically speaking, French dragoons were horse-mounted musketmen. In Final Fantasy, however, it was early localization's attempt to shorten "dragon knight," as Japanese often uses less characters for bigger words. So the reason they can Jump Good is because the original Dragon Knight/Dragoon was a knight who could fight on par with a dragon, including in the sky.

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