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Secretlab x FFXIV Chair Review Memorable Assembly

TheGunteraz: Oof, Secretlab chairs are some of the worst most expensive least comfortable chairs available on the market. Sitting on a wooden bench is better.
ThisisCitrus: 600 dollars for the quality of a 100 dollar amazon gaming chair. Looks amazing, but not worth it.
Jasepo: Tula is gonna destroy that chair to shreds
xanasago: Yes I love the design but if you want to do something good for your back don't buy a gaming chair. Get a good office chair.
appoclypse8200: Really love the look of the chair, im contemplating it a bit
nasferon3520: Sweat is why I own a mesh chair. Super comfy, breathes... It was expensive as hell, but I've had it for 5 years.
sold0ut210: Oh, so this
phoenix7289: Everyone should avoid this chair. It's not actually good for you. It is low quality trash, Secret Labs is just horrible. If you want to support Zepla, give her money directly, and buy a better chair. That's all.
Raionhardt: No gamer chair is worth over $700. I could upgrade my entire PC minus the GPU for $700
karmic5783: glad im not the only one who sits criss cross applesauce 24/7. People always say how do i do that like, how do you keep your feet on the floor?
IKIGAIofficial: Hows the lower back support?
I have sciatica and a herniated disc

Jun 09 2024

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