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Russ FINALLY reacts to FFXIV Heavensward trailer and enters Ishgard for the FIRST TIME

GentleCrank: My man is already at patch 3.4 and just uploaded the trailer reaction
Tsuna_SoulSilver: Its beem 3000 years....

But finally i was waiting for this video for so long.
RickySama240: Can never get enough of the piano music that plays in Ishgard and it's villages. It always reminds me of that first time i arrived in Heavensward.
COA5T: Good job to the community for continuing our time-honored tradition.
Giovith13: Estenien~ Hes the Azure Dragoooooooooon~
Vosenbergen: I was here! Was a blast escorting you into the city
muhash14: "It helps that you're not a prick" realest comment lol
But fr though, it's been really nice seeing your journey, even if it's just here on Youtube and not live.
geneseejay: Was there in spirit too! One day will be there for a moment. Enjoy the journey!
KironX1: Omg the car mount music while getting driven to Ishgard

Jun 06 2024

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