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Our Best FFXIV MSQ Moments Grinding Gear x Quazii

Crashh965: I am SO GLAD you got the boys. 3 of my faves on one screen!!
anaalvensleben789: Yup, echoing Kyle, if I wanted build theorycrafting, I play ARPGs like Path of Exile or loot based games. I don't need FFXIV to occupy every single niche and kind of glad it doesn't. Good interview!
Dublin.655: Quazii and the GG guys. The crossover we all needed!
mosselyn5081: Thank you for having Garrett and Kyle on. I have very much enjoyed watching their journey over the past couple years, as well as your own. All the best to the three of you.
hirudemonstrife: So we're going to Bozja right?
canatsey: So excited for this interview! Thank you for both parties having the time to sit down and create this wonderful video!
wackyzap1304: The Shadowbringers finale is so good that I think it makes people forget about the dull moments along the way in its MSQ. Endwalker MSQ was more entertaining for me overall. The writing felt tighter. People complain about the Lopporit portion of Labryinthos but I felt similarly in the first half of Rak'Tika and most of Amh Arang. Shadowbringers kind of fumbled Ran'jit as a character too. But again, the 5.0 finale is so incredible that it's easy for me to forget the less stellar parts.
CureSapphire: Loved this interview! I found both you and the grinding gear boys right at the start of your journeys, and seeing how you all have grown as creators and coming together like this is awesome.

Kyle and Garrett have such an awesome dynamic, and their restraint in pacing themselves through the MSQ over 2 years has allowed themselves to build a community in a way a lot of streamers I feel aren't able to. Then you combine that with their phenomenal MSQ videos and you get something really special in the space.

Hope to keep seeing content from all of you for years to come!
Shayera01: YEEESSSS, most of my favorite FF14 peeps in one setting! Will definitely watch/listen to this while I work later
Vaeltis: Veteran players don't try to sell the game with the great raid fights because theywill then ask them about the overall gameplay feel which is different from WoW and most players of both will probably agree that Wows general fight gameplay feel is overall better.
wolfair: good questions as always, Quazii.
you do a very good job interviewing people. looking forward towards more guests and returners for some new and more themed discussions!

Jun 02 2024

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