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LizArd reacts to BeneG FFXIV Animation

benedictgg: Emet got sent flying just like Graha was flung into the ocean. It's like poetry
Nalehw: There's no higher compliment two animators can pay each other.
dec222: "...and I took that personally." -- LizArd, of course
missteriouskitty: Homegirl went all the way to the aetherial sea to kick Hades' ass fjfhja
livingreverie5951: I remembered making a comment on the video saying “Liz Ard is going for the throat for this”

Clearly forgetting she’s a Warrior, Fell Cleave would suffice
kilbeam99: That video might as well have been made for you. I knew you wouldn't let it slide
NotTheWheel: "It became personal with me" - Liz
KHMDarkness: Ngl, I was totally thinking about what she would do if she saw that. I guess I now know!
lens_hunter: My wife is a big Graha fan and she was fucking DYING laughing at that video yesterday. Our community can be so awesome.
serena3841: LOL I saw a guy on twitter who made a post "There are two types of FFXIV players" he had a screenshot of one of your vids with G'raha. And on the other side he had a screenshot of Bene's vid.
GanRPG: Liz just hates the thought of someone else "riding" G'raha
darth_yoda: Ohh that's precious! LizArd! Just PRECIOUS! XD XD thanks the laugh.
ygnizemcenia6059: I was expecting you will chase him with Primal Rend after yeeting him off. XD
FiohSion-FFXIV: The amount of emotion that had to be created in order to get on the computer and animate an entire response
PostTimeskipSam: Haha, the timing on BeneG's video was so perfect & now this. Love it!
LittleHobbit13: "Cue response animation of LizArd going absolutely feral on Emet."
seer0087: If this is the start of the LizArd vs BeneG rivalry, I'm here for it. Get im! >:D
tk_Layla: Venat shifts into Hydaelyn form and gets ready to catch Hades with a giant glove, only to throw him right back to Liz so she can hit him again; sending him all the way to Ultima Thule XD
SunRiseAO: The most ambitious collab ever made
IvoryP: A totally legit and understandable reaction
Feraligatrfjhgujvgh: ‘Twas foretold that LizArd would post a reply animation.

Jun 09 2024

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