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INNOCENT BUN? Zepla takes the FFXIV Purity Test

25xxfrostxx: For every "incorrect" answer they disable one payment option or feature on your account.
cestunhareng: I got 93/100 I'm either a fucking saint or absolutly clueless about 75% of what the test was about
LoganH0076: Plot twist: Squenix made this test to catch people breaking ToS
rjwojo1: I find it hilarious to 95% of the questions I just answered “nope, I’m on console
Mrwednesday84: I got 94. I don't use mods, and I have no idea what the first page is about.
misszerylvscompany1683: You mentioned pulling bosses while sprouts watch cut scenes, my just started and was on one of the arr lvl 50 dungeons. The tank kept talking about it and pulled now my wife won't watch them because she feels bad ppl are waiting on her. I was so mad over that
xReaghan: Zepla is lying so hard, why even do this test on Stream/Youtube.. of course no one wants to get banned but whats the point of doing this test then?
rin_kenjin: I don't afk in Limsa. I afk in Island Sanctuary, Inns, and in housings because I can change the music.
TriaMoonlily: I got 88/100 :3

Jun 06 2024

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