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I'm Never Tanking Susano Extreme Again | FFXIV

Kerran_Lionward: If you fail it means you're a robot.
mizar010: When trying to update your FFXIV payment
mlemlemmlemmlem: i can already see them adding s mechanic like thsi, they better not
Azulapus: The fucking ragdoll Lmao

(I friends in the fc wo use this addon)
NauKuu: Us Granny Viera enjoyers are eating good lately.

Thank you Nova for this blessed meal of Granny Viera content
tanakaitoi: This is how they combat the bots in the game next expack
Luna-Starfrost: Finally, some old Viera again
Angry-Skeleton: NyaeahaAAaaaAAaa!!!
fortniteenjoyer5792: I would fail this every time.
Valarien010: A test of your reflexes!
FreedomFighterEx: Ok Nova, if they actually do this in any future Trial/NR/AR I'll force feeding you an entire shelf of Archon Loaf.

May 10 2024

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