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I Was Forced To Do Optional Dungeons In FFXIV

leviosdraekion6993: I would recommend doing Tam Tara Deepcroft Hard before Palace of the Dead.
On a completely unrelated note, do you remember the characters Edda, Liavinne, and Paiyo Reiyo?
Taidahunter2: Palace of the Dead is great for learning how to play new jobs that start at higher levels...... looking at you RDM.
GalacticW: Also you say you came across me in your ff14 journey but you never came across me as I was there from the beginning
catwhowalksbyhimself: For vigil hard, the adds will often swarm the players, forcing them to either step away form the canons to deal with that, or rely on the other players to use their canons to keep them off.

You either got very lucky, or, more likely, the other players just knew this fight really well and were killing the ads before they could bother anyone.

My first experience with this fight went like this, but I've sense done with with 3 newbies a couple of times, and we always wipe a few times until I can teach them what to do.

A newbie with 3 vets on the other hand, it's going to be so easy, you get the wrong idea about how easy the fight actually is.
Tarrot: With the Roulette system, for dungeons, it's divided into Main Scenario Dugeons (Praetorium/Castrum/Porta (Ultima Weapon)), Leveling (all dungeons not at an expansion's max level) and Level 50/60/etc. dungeons. You get Tomestones from these, which you can trade for the current best or second best level of gear, and can do one Roulette/Day for the most tomestones. You can also get Poetic Tomestones, which you use for any gear that's not max-level gear, from the roulettes. Most of these hard-mode dungeons are optional and fall into the 50/60/etc. category along with the patch dungeons for each expansion.
eredkaiser: The Gorilla mount is actually in the current selection for the moogle treasure trove (Ufiti)
suukialdrea: Those optional dungeons are great! And some of them have great stories too
GalacticW: I didn't blame the dragoon
ketsuekikumori9145: The first dragon isn't how a dragon normally looks. All the stakes in its flesh are there to imply that it's survived many battles, specifically against the Ishgardians.
TheValiantBob: I really like Hullbreaker Isle for the lore stuff with Mistbeard. I also like how after you beat it you can play your WoL as the most dense dumbass ever and have them not put the pieces together that Merlwyb's second in command is
canatsey: I love that the term MSQurater has escaped Grinding Gear and is moving among new FF14 streamers <3

Jun 08 2024

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