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I Have Chosen My Main Job For Heavensward - FFXIV

funklestiltskin6140: The cool thing about new jobs in FF14 is that there's a passive exp boost for any job you have whose level is lower than the highest level job you have. It's called an Armory Bonus and it's a 100% boost until you hit level 80 at which point it's 50%. It's their way of encouraging people to try different jobs and not feel like they have to stick to one class because it'll take too long to catch up with another.
RaquizRavel: Ironically, you're following the 'official' jobs so far. Each expansion has it's 'canon' Warrior of Light job, shown in the trailer. ARR is Warrior, Heavensward is Dragoon, Stormblood gets two, Monk and Samurai, Shadowbringers is Dark Knight, and Endwalker is Paladin. Dawntrail is going to be one of the new classes, Viper.

You don't usually get anything special from actually playing one of those classes, but Heavensward is a little unique, in that you'll get some MAJOR lore in your class quests that's going to be big for the story. If I was able to have a do-over, I'd definitely do the Dragoon class quests before starting HW, and I'm eager to see how different it plays out starting out experiencing all that, instead of just getting generic cliffnotes that you get with other classes.

As an aside, starting in Shadowbringers, and continued onwards from there, they no longer do class quests, and instead have 'Role' quests. Shadowbringers has Tank, Healer, Physical DPS, and Magical DPS role quests, while Endwalker has Tank, Healer, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS, and Magical DPS. They are, for the most part, optional, but you do unlock a whole extra questline if you do all four/five of them.
ninnoofthelastunicorn2693: If you keep this trend, going through each expansion with it's 'Box Cover' job, you might really enjoy that.
Especially because with Dark Knight being the job for Shadow Bringers, you'll get a taste for the shift in writing before you hop into the expansion
snizzle6174: Eyyy dragoon is one of my favorites.
A tip: if you have all the expansions, you can unlock any job whose quest you have access to as soon as you reach their starting level. This means that when you hit level 50 you could get red mage and samurai, which start
Amariyali: I'm honestly so excited that you picked Dragoon for Heavensward.
Then again, I am always excited when someone picks up dragoon because it is my favorite class, and has one of the best characters in the job quests (caution: VERY biased opinion)
suukialdrea: I commend you for picking up a new class for heavensward! I unlocked a few different jobs before I finished Endwalker, but stuck to my Warrior class for the most part. Went back and really played dragoon after going through new game with my bf. ^-^
StoicPJ: I knew the spear would swat you eventually
seekittycat: Going through FF I usually have at least 2 classes at the same time through every expansion if only to spread out all the exp I get from MSQ. Back then the level cap is lower and you just lose lots of experience by reaching max level.

Enjoy floor tank- I mean Dragoon :D. I find it pretty slow at first but then more buttons woo. Just remember you're not a tank or else you'll be floor tank lmao.

If you're playing classes that start at level 50 I recommend you at least try a similar class that start at level 1 so you already have a foundation. For example if trying Red mage be sure to play a bit of BLM first.
Shiirow: the good thing about the job system is that having one very high leveled job, every job thats lower than it gets an XP boost, along with the hunting log, its not very hard to play catch up to your highest leveled job. of course the hunting log only is in ARR where it was replaced with "The Hunt" which is a repeatable version of it with daily one to three star ranked mobs which ended up being a good upgrade, because the Hunting Log is finite while The Hunt isnt.
estel-randir: woohoo, work that pole!
Emacspirate: I just got talked into re-subbing. For the record I picked Dragoon before you! xD

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