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I Did Not Expect This In FFXIV

evanwetmore: PSA for any commenters, Caffeinated Dad is currently in patch 2.55
hirudemonstrife: Pray return to the Waking Sands! No really, if Galactic hasn't encouraged you back that way to talk to Uri you may want to hit him up.
markup6394: Originally, the devs actually had another primal scheduled for us, but Japan was hit by a Tsunami and they were like "it might be a bad idea to release a tidalwave primal right now..." - so they schuffled things around a bit and we got the Moogle King instead ^^
GW2MindOfAMadman: My gf and I have given Elidibus the nickname "A Little Bus".
Iriscal: A tip for Caffeinated Dad: If you are missing footage for one of these recap videos, you can always go to an inn room and look at The Unending Journey, where you can replay any cutscenes you've seen so far.
Sky_Ler2000: I can never take the moogles seriously. That fight and it gear just added to that notion. The dragoon gets an extendable fork, dammit, how can you not crack up at that.
AnonSeacat: I really like the summary/recap videos. It's what brought me to the channel in the first place, good to see them come back!
alloounou6900: What a coincidence. I was just doing that fight on blue mage. It never ceases to surprise me with its whimsy.
DXDragon38: Welcome to Post-ARR!
Now, time for a massive amount of Setup for all the future expansions to build off of.

May 20 2024

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