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How to Quickly Improve at Raiding in FFXIV

Astralmess: Easily one of my favorite ffxiv channels right now. Chill and genuinely good advice. Quality over quantity is the way to go.
nspaulding07: You have quickly become one of my favorite XIV-related channels. Consistently solid advice and approachable breakdown. Makes it easy to recommend your videos to friends trying to improve!

Also, THANK YOU for bringing up mit/healing on dps roles. The amount of dps I've run into when doing savage PF that were competent at their rotation, but seemed to have an aversion to their feint/addle/etc, has driven me crazy as a SCH main.
riaglitta: I have one single smile emote button on my hotbar - when it appears ready to press, I know I can move in my slidecast and not interrupt! :)
This is good stuff - weirdly how many of these I know but when it comes to practical usage and implementation, I just end up clumsy bad lol
AbsorbAndPlay: Yes, please make a HUD video! Specifically because you are a controller player that talks about high end content, I would appreciate it. I am one of those you describe as "staring at their action bars." I have a 34" ultrawide, but do make it so that things are within the center third of the screen, but because you can mis-time the R2/L2 double-tap, I need to see which bar is highlighted. I'd love to watch a video where you describe why you put actions on certain bars. I know you touched on this briefly in another video, but it would be great if you went into more detail in terms of what makes putting an action on a particular bar easier/better in specific situations or during certain parts of a rotation, and what actions should have priority over others in a particular spot.
carolinemccall2608: In fights I feel less confident, I have asked in chat that if someone knows the mechs and where to go if they would please mark themselves. It has been so helpful. There are players who really know these fights and want to lead and teach even in duty roulette. Never be afraid to ask questions. Great video again!
Raider19D: Your videos are awesome man. I'm also new to FF awaiting expansion and you've really helped me out. Just picked up the XBOX elite 2!!
shakeweller: What the comunity REALLY needs is someone going into detail on how Limit Break works and how it is generated. I know penta legends who have literally no idea about it and it seems to be one of the most vague mechanics in FFXIV.
willrobinson4859: As a newer player to FFXIV this is what I needed. I love raiding and look forward to it once I get leveled!
Lukeormaybenath: I wish the game would focus more around dps checks instead of single-error wipes and yeah, body checks have been really common as of late
optimysticquest: Thanks for the vids. I really like your approach and explanations.

Think you’d ever do rotation and general advice guides for each job?
Kongrisser: Very thematically appropriate that your Bun looks like she's hopping when she slide-casts.

May 29 2024

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