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How I Became a Double Legend in FFXIV

YamaGraves: Okay, where is my Gil?!?
has9793: Ah yes, our favorite dragon woman Snael Snan Snarnus
sharonfullbuster4960: Oh boi, I cannot wait to help you prog Perfect Alexander's Co-
I mean TEA <3
xsteelersx6: Gratz on your clears Lemon Lad. Good luck on TEA!

I got UWU cleared last week.
It was pretty fun, definitely the most satisfying way to kill that boss.
Hope I can spare the time to get UCOB/TEA done too but we'll see.
smol27: Proud of you man! A job well done on completing the content and making the video!
Ampo.: Just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS (ucob and uwu were harder in 2017) on the THE WEAPON’S REFRAIN and the THE UNENDING COIL OF BAHAMUT 2024 (they were harder in 2017) CLEAR. I know you've been working really hard (ucob and uwu used to be harder) at it, and I'm happy that you've (ucob and uwu used to be harder) achieved your goal of co-
AdiHashira: epic video

You actually inspired me to clear my first ultimate for the first time. Hanging around in twitch chat was fun during your uwu runs.
po-prostapoziomica5559: I need to quit my job in order to prog anything. And still employed i can't exacly find static, liek ye i can but to agree with 7 random ppl to do anything at one time of a week is impossible for me. Not just ultimates but savages as well, if not for that fact id be long since legend myself or trying to become one.

That's the biggest wall
XPEve: One day this is going to be a Midlander experience video lol
infamoushavoc3590: Of course you got carried Sam. You're a lemon! You're very small and easily fit into people's hands. It'd be rough for a lemon to keep up with the others during Ifrit dashes. You'd roll behind!

May 23 2024

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