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How Bad Are Spiritbonding Achievements? - Getting Every Achievement in FFXIV #25

droid_x: Friendly reminder that he hasn't started the fishing grind
navidryanrouf441: "It was late at night. I had finished my shift at the local catgirl cafe. Exhausted after the long day, I bid farewell to my coworkers and set out for my home in the mist. The owner of the cafe told me to be careful however. Rumours spread among the people and some of the employees that they found their homes broken into and some found sawdust left in their bathtubs and beds.

It sounded absurd to me at the time. But when I returned home, I noticed my doorknob completely shattered. The inside was dark so I had to light my lantern. I wasn't one to back down from a burglar, I used to be an adventurer after all. But as I drew my blade and stepped into my shadowed house, I heard a noise. Faint sounds of sawing, and a very gruff voice of a man. A chill ran down my spine. I had fought garleans, beastmen, and even once a primal and lived through, always surviving within an inch of my life and filled with fear. Yet none of those could compare to the sheer horror that I found when I followed the voice.

In my water fountain, I saw a female lalafell, or at least they looked female. Their voice was that of an adult man, and they muttered to themselves about nonsense like "Bread selves" and "Make sure to use materia melded gear when grinding ARR crafts". They had a strange aura of piety, and their face was perpetually filled with a deep rage. It scared me. I saw them hacking away with their saw, despite being drenched in the water, and even after I stood next to the fountain, they paid me no heed, continuing to saw and mutter meaninglessly.

I screamed. And I ran for my dear life. I had dropped my weapon in the rush along with the lantern, which crashed and spilled over, engulfing the room in flames. The house was made of wood, and the flames quickly spread. It was the dead of night. No one outside could have been there to call the maelstrom command. The smoke filled my lungs and through the pointless coughing I dropped to my knees. I fell down, with my head faced directly towards where that lala was sitting. There was no change in their behaviour. The continued to saw, even with the flames encroaching upon them. My breath grew weak, and the flames roared. And despite it all, all I could give was a weak smile. At least this will kill this menace. I had abandoned my role as an adventurer, because I couldn't save the ones I loved. But maybe, doing this, killing it, would save everyone. I closed my eyes, and let these flames embrace me, and that monster. At least I could do at least one good deed in my life. This will be my redemption. I will see you in the seven hells, lala..."
jroberts2nd: Using the full Athena speech for the DDOS related DCs was an inspired touch
unlikelyraven7374: They call it Goblin because summons are one of the pools they pull server names from and Goblin is a hidden summon in FFIV
kevingriffith6011: All I'm saying is that a person coming home and finding a lala crafting in their bathtub is never not
Renkalost: I really enjoyed the transition from crafting to suddenly roasting peoples houses.
MaisuBirb: Still can't wait on the mahjong grind and I'm happy to teach ya
ZelelWhite: Kid: "Mommy, it is here again."
Mom: "How often do i have to tell you there are no Lalafels that break into your room at night to craft."
Mom leaves
tetsuotakahashithe5thpilla708: The higher the ilvl for gathering the faster you gain spiritbond. Many of us use spiritbonding to get mass quantities of lvl 9 and 10 materia, by gathering the legendary folklore nodes with fully melded gathering gear. You just manage to get enough stats to the breakpoints and then just get to 900 GP. And you just swing at all the timed nodes. And use your 900Gl GP to get 3 uses of wise to the world to get another hit on the node. And I'd you're lucky you'll get the bonus proc. But on average. With fully melded gear, (once you get the breakpoints amd 900 GP, you can meld junk gear like he did in the video) you'll get gathering materia roughly every other node. And the bonus is that since you're doing EW nodes. And wearing EW gear. You'll get very valuable level 9 and 10 materia. It's a good passive income maker! And if any of you are omnicrafters. It's also good for pentamelding this new upcoming expansions new crafting gear
idgie534: Crafting lalafells? In my house? At this time of day? On this part of the star? Localised entirely within my hot tub?
pookacara: Love your burglary crafting home show. You show a unique perspective while doing carpentry in stranger's bathrooms. Bravo on your creativity
nathanaelthomas7816: Just in case you don't know! There's a food called Better Crowned Pie that gives Spiritbond 2! I get mine by buying Urushi with GC seals (you can also use Allied Seals) and giving those to a vendor in Mor Dhona for the Pie! Vendor's name is Talan!
GMMisha: Cider finally embracing the Lalafell inner desire to be cryptids, 10/10
vivi1649: Silly Cider Spider, you need to be at least this tall to get the full Spiritbond bonus.
Also, just go kill Water Sprites at Urth's Fount. 2013 Spiritbonding strats.
ggEmolicious: "You may have been expecting a Eureka video this week..."
...I just kinda just expected Eureka videos every week at this point >.>
YamiKit: All jokes aside, this video is educational AF.

May 12 2024

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