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FFXIV Wesks Pandaemonium Savage Tier List

mobius4247: P10S HH makes you FEEL like the raid boss hates you and is a gigachad. No other mech feels like the boss is going all out to kill you.
caode9385: P10S was a blast lmao
zerozetta: I can't disagree more with P10S, for me that's the best savage fight of the expansion LOL
But I guess it gets hurt just by virtue of being this hard despite being only the 2nd fight on a tier, but that's what makes me love it even more, I like it more than TOP even
raphaelhuwyler6640: Whilst I disagree on some fights I respect the way you explained the ranks and am able to see it from your perspective too. Very enjoyable video and a educational watch. I wish you a good day.
SCPAgentBishop: I don't think i've ever diagreed with your takes more, but this was an awesome watch
felixamari157: L take about P10. (I say, without the foresight to look into the mirror. ;) )
syaojyn: P11s was an extreme fight and p10s tank towers were a great mechanic
zacharydavis3579: Funny to hear how different roles would react to things differently. Double curtain call at the end of 4S2 was incredible to heal, as I was trying to juggle resources that were dwindling over the course of that incredible duration of consistent raidwides.
TheLogan1156: I don't agree with most of your takes, but I couldn't agree more with what you said about P10S. I cleared the tier week one, cleared every ultimate, done hardcore parsing and speed killing, and can safely say P10S is the hardest, most frustrating fight I've done. It has all the same failings as P6S and P7S, but has an ultimate level of precision that those two fights don't have. Never have I been more confused by the raiding community than I did after clearing the tier and seeing how much people were praising it. A fight being difficult doesn't make it good. DSR is good because it's well designed AND difficult. P10S feels like an old arcade game that was made to eat quarters.
btate2526: What are your thoughts on 7.0 dragoon?

May 27 2024

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