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FFXIV Viper Job Overview, Thoughts Tips Live Letter 81

Frankthetank302: Yall no matter what mrhappy says about this job right now take it with a grain of salt. When it comes to openers and rotation. We all know meta is gonna change what is shown and how viper is played
snowsoldier413: I think the Job fantasy of quick strikes like a viper and building up your venom to unleash it in reawakening is really cool, and a lot of the sfx and visual effects looking like viper scales is also really sick.

I just think it's a lot more subtle than something like Pictomancer, but it does it in a really elegant way imo.

Also, I'm glad they're leaning into making jobs that have unique gimmicks on a mechanical level rather than a systemic one. In vipers case it's that high APM and increasing speed. They've been doing this a lot in PvP and I really like it. Like with MCH which has a walking cast or BRD with critical range; SCH which it's focus on spreading AoEs off targets or BLM with long casts and positioning. Makes it very distinct on another layer than just what the gauge does or buffs it gets.
de_Nilus: The fact that Viper isn't overly themed is it's main selling point for me.
aidanmillow566: It's interesting: Viper is aesthetically one of the most down to earth jobs in the game and Pictomancer is one of the most out there (and both are catching a little flak from certain quarters for it). I wonder if it was deliberate to release them together.
kuronaialtani: I'm still just so happy that I got exactly what I'd hoped for in a second Scouting melee, that being dual swords or a twinblade/glaive
And it's looking like what I'd hoped for as well, just pure fast strikes, combo into combo into combo, then unleash whatever you've built
Can't wait for June, man
PipPanoma: I was here when the title said Live Litter
WineRedEchos: everyone says "it's just reaper" and I'm like, whut, that's machinist. fast gcd burst you ogcd weave through and burst at the end? that's mch. rpr has 2 ogcds and mch has 4 or 5.
ChamberK-1: Viper being similar to Reaper was the one thing I was most afraid of. I found Reaper to be pretty boring. I’ll withhold full judgement until I have Viper in my hands. Definitely gonna level it regardless.
Riftimmortal: reminds me alot of Havoc demon hunter from WoW and I'm all for it. I am speed.
Kenpachi77777: Feels like the job identity fits to me. A viper or snake in general is fast especially when striking. Viper is fast and has fangs it fits.
jackjohnson8305: My new main, it literally is just Reaper 2 to me just faster paced and with better downtime.
Snowinmyears: i'm pretty sure i'll be playing Viper and Monk in the first tier of DT. Viper might be simple, but it goes fast, and that's good enough for me (although i'd hoped for something a bit more technical). At least i can jump to ninja if viper becomes boring

also, shoutout to monk 1.94 double weaving

May 22 2024

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