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krekkaking: BLM main here, I'm glad we got another nuke and that flare contributes to more than just damage and enochian ticks
Xport9: SCH main here. We can transform!
ollaniuspius1211: Machinist has beeg guns now.

I am happy.
the10creative-blinis46: I'm a SMN main.

That's it. This should explain my reaction
zombiesimic9904: Warrior got everything i wanted and the animations had some good umph to it. Super excited for fell-er and fell-est cleaves
natebroadus8474: I don’t have to waste a ninjutsu on Huton, anymore. I am thrilled.
SniperKing-O: Also FFXIV Players: "Is this a joke, Yoshi-P!?!?"

Points at Solar Gecko Bahamut
SorcererDiZ: BLM main, more destruction makes me happy and be able to move leylines. Also soon to be Pictomancer, cartoon paint will make my lala gear 5 XD
Nyftl: AST Main here, I honestly like how they’re going with AST this expansion. I felt that it didn’t have enough healing/defensive capabilities compared to the others. So I’m glad that cards can do more than just buff damage again.
LightbladeRiulo: I for one welcome the new monk changes. Don’t have to juggle timers and reading the gauge is actually easy.
filipvadas7602: DRK not being so needlessly busy anymore is a huge W

May 23 2024

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