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FFXIV Pictomancer First Impressions Meonis Dawntrail Media Tour 2024 Coverage

ferretsnot: Limit Break: Happy. Little. ACCIDENT! :P
SuikodenGR: Goes to show all ur hard work has been paying off and continue to invite you to these conferences.

ThyGrave: This class is interesting , may check it out. Thanks for the info as always
Touyagirl: The more I see of Picto, the more I want to change my main job to it - and I’ve been a Bard main for almost 7 years!
Scott_Diverscott: A MANATEE BOSS??!!!!
BlueberryFundip: i love that i can hear the happiness and excitement in your voice Meoni
dains6623: i love the weapon stance
NorthernLadMSP: OMG that LB3 reminds me so much of Dazzler's powers from X-Men! I'm so hyped.
quetzals: That Manatee is so cute
laurenlunamar4729: LB3 is everything i imagined and more
ExileOfBrokenSky: picto looks sick, yet thinking of art and color immediately make me wonder what modders will do with this class cosmetically

Jun 09 2024

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